hostess gift ideas: part deux.

The holiday catalogues keep on coming, and I'm loving it - aren't you? Following up from last week's post, here are eight (actually, nine) more hostess gift ideas for the holiday party season...

From Anthropologie:
From left-to-right: holiday bouquet candle; monogrammed mugs; mini latte bowls (maybe filled with peppermints?); shell measuring spoons.

From Crate & Barrel:From left-to-right: snowflake candle holders; kissing ball (paired with mistletoe, perhaps?); pin dot ramekin; mini antiqued silver glass ornaments.

And, in the C&B bonus department, our holiday household is never complete until a tin of these arrive. I'm hungry just thinking about them!


Karen said...

This is great. You've simplified my holiday month! Love the small mercury glass ornaments.

Anna Walker said...

I WANT the snowflake candle holders! :)
The kissing ball wouldn't be bad at all! ;)
Oh and the shell measuring spoons are amazing and would be perfect for a beach house!


paper{whites} said...

Two quick things: (1) the kissing ball is SO worth it. I bought two a few years back and use them every year. (2) mercury ornaments - inexpensive and so pretty on the tree (they also make similar ones in a red glass). I had to buy myself some last year, too. This was supposed to be about gifts for others . . . . . .

PS: Hi, Anna! I love your blog!

Laken said...

Everything from anthro is perfect!!