feel good friday.

Aren't sunflowers just the happiest flowers? (Kathleen Kelly prefers daises to sunflowers, but since they're of the same Asteraceae family, she and I are on the same page. Phew.) I love bringing some warmth to the house with sunflowers, especially in Autumn (not that So. Cal. is lacking in warmth these days).
I didn't get nearly enough blog reading in this week, so here's just a few, quick links:

+ More daises: wedding inspiration from the happy little flower.
+ Loving this impromptu birthday party setup, complete with IKEA fabric-turned-tablecloth, found via Party Perfect. Thinking the red and green stripes might be fun addition for the holidays.
+ Speaking of parties, filing this one away for cocktail hour: apple + smoked mozz mini-calzones from Sprouted Kitchen.
+ Who doesn't love a good before-and-after? Must see: The Chic Line's end table. Fabulousness.

I'll be back next week with more hostess gift ideas, a bit about olive oil (!) and hopefully, some new weekend recipes. Fingers crossed. Have a lovely, sunflower-y weekend!

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Karen said...


I love sunflowers, especially when they're mixed with lemon leaf and maybe a bit of the gray-green eucalyptus you've shown in your picture. Lovely!

Happy Friday,