whole grain mustard.

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Just a quick bit for today to share a new revelation... This time, from my friend Amy - who, by the way, is an amazing cook and gets credit for introducing me to Alice Waters and The Art of Simple Food. She's a good friend.

To dress up a very simple mixed green salad, Amy whipped up a delicious balsamic vinaigrette from whatever she could find in our house. And, when given the choice of dijon to whole grain mustard, Amy went for the whole grain. I've never even considered it an option and I think I've been missing a little somethin' somethin' all this time.

Is this news to only me? If you haven't tried whisking with whole grain, you might consider it for your next dressing. The grainy mustard adds some good texture and rounds out the balsamic in a warm, welcoming way. We think we have a whole new look on vinaigrette after Sunday night's dinner, and we're very excited about it.

Merci, Amy!

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Karen said...

Hi Alison,

BC uses whole grain mustard on a fish dish in Back to Basics and it really is delicious. I'll have to try it in a vinaigrette.

Also, yesterday's post was great...I've visited Orangette's site and will add it to my favorites. Thanks,