I'm a little obsessed with gift tags. I mean, who isn't?
I love looking at them, buying them and especially ... making them. After punching about, oh, 200 or so tags for our wedding escort cards (another day, another post), I've found ways to recycle paper and cardstock and put my $14.99 paper punch to good use for inexpensive, simple - and with a little DIY - meaningful gift tags.

Having a little anxiety over holiday gift wrap? Consider investing in a few tools that will last and save some $, esp. around this time of year.

DIY gift tag supplies:
+ tag paper punch - available at craft stores in various sizes. I got mine from Michael's.
+ paper (left over cardstock scraps, stationery, recycled gift bags get bonus points)
+ single hole punch
+ twine, raffia or any thin ribbon you like (+ scissors)
+ optional: stamps/ink/colored pens, etc.

Step one: punch away!
Step two: hole punch for your twine/ribbon/string.
Step three: add some flair (and if you do, let the ink dry a few minutes).
Step four: thread your twine with a loop, swoop and a pull. Knot at the top.
Step four: sign, seal and deliver.
If you invest in a few go-to stamps, you can have some real fun.
Once you are a tag believer, you can find all sorts of ways to use them.
My favorite, go-to combo is dark brown paper + white Gel pen + twine. Or, any paper that requires the white ink. Obv.

My favorite place to dream about gift tags and stamps: Paper Source.

In the hopper for this year's Christmas gift tags: red baker's twine. (PS: other inspiring bakers twine ideas in the gift wrapping dept. here.)


Karen said...


This is just what I needed---inspiration for creative ideas and $-saving to boot! Thank you. I have the tag punch and now I'll have some good ideas for how best to use it.

Bianca said...

Well, I simply have no choice but to go out and get one of those paper punches. Especially with Christmas around the corner. Too cute!!!