quick sunday breakfast, etc.

Clearly, I've yet to tire of waffle photos. Thanks to my friend Erin, we tossed last weekend's leftovers into a freezer bag - instead of the trash - and enjoyed them again this Sunday, after a quick re-heat in the toaster.
And, on Saturday, once the sun showed up after some morning rain, I tended to my very water-logged and molded flowers. These little guys seem to be doing so much better after some TLC and good dose of sunshine. 
It's good that I got to them when I did, because the rain came back yesterday. Which was just perfect for a cozy Sunday soup night after a marathon day. There is nothing like coming home to the smell of fireplaces burning, the sound of rain tapping on the roof, soup warming on the stove and bread crisping in the oven.

I'll have have the new weekend recipe for you tomorrow. Happy last week of October!

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Karen said...


Your ivy geraniums look like they've grown and prospered. Good job!
Don't you just love the rain and seasonal fall weather we've been having (sorry, you know how I love cool weather).