orangette's waffles with a side of BFFs.

Happy third week of October! Yesterday, I spent a perfectly dreary Fall morning with my best girlfriends over a casual brunch, where we all chipped in to make quite the feast, complete with mimosas, homemade breakfast sausages, fresh fruit, cinnamon rolls and waffles - specifically Marion Cunningham's crispy-on-the-outside, custardy-on-the-inside waffles from The Breakfast Book - compliments of Orangette.
Orangette, and her book, are compliments of my friend, Lisa, without whom I might have never known that waffles - or pancakes, for that matter - didn't always come from the Bisquick box. So, thank you, Lisa: you - via Molly Wizenberg - have forever altered the way I look at waffles. Which, in my world, is pretty life-changing.

Like Orangette explains in her beautiful story*, I too grew up on Bisquick, and I love it. My dad is the best breakfast chef I know; it's not just the mix that makes everything he cooks so good, but it's part of our breakfast ritual, to this day. If he uses Bisquick, so do I... and, for the rest of my life, I'll forever have a box stashed in my pantry.

But, when Orangette posted a waffle taste test and raved about Marion Cunningham's mix-the-night-before waffles, I was moved to try them, and while I won't say I'm never going back to Bisquick... I will say that it will be some time before I do, because I find myself craving these waffles at all times of the day and night, and I was thrilled to share them with my best friends yesterday.

Like all of her recipes, Orangette provides very helpful notes, which is particularly helpful for those of us second-guessing every measure, sift and pour. So, when you try the waffles, read her every word (e.g. active dry yeast vs. rapid rise) and follow it.

I've made these waffles with non-fat milk, because when you're jonesing for these at 2 in the morning (thus projecting the next morning's breakfast craving), and that's all you have... that's all you have. Whole milk fat always makes everything better, but don't be afraid to try the recipe with whatever's in the frig. I've also mixed the batter by hand and used a hand mixer; either method works, but really ... who doesn't prefer the hand mixer over the alternative (especially at 2 in the morning).

While I may have shelved the Bisquick mix for a while, I will never give up my lifelong allegiance to Aunt Jemima's Lite Syrup. I just won't, so don't ask. But, these waffles are so good that a little powdered sugar and banana might be all you need...
... unless, of course, your best friend Andrea makes slow-cooked scrambled eggs with goat cheese and chives, a la BC to go with. They were velvety delicious and absolutely divine. Absolutely the best treat besides spending a few hours with my favorite gal pals.

* page 65, to be exact.

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