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I think it's officially time and I'm v.excited about it! Paperwhites bulb-planting-season, that is.

I don't have the greenest of thumbs, but I'm learning, and while the name of this little blog was inspired by the pretty blooms of the daffodil family for several reasons (one of many: here), I do happen to be a fan of what-experts-call 'forced bulbs,' which are un-intimidating to me, and indoor friendly - great for beach town nests that come with limited outdoor space.

Last season, I purchased a Smith & Hawken bulb kit from Target, which turned out to be an inexpensive experiment and a bright, cheery treat around the holidays. I've been keeping my eyes out for this year's kit and vessel, and found a few online options to consider:
+ Holland Bulb Farms
+ White Flower Farm
+ Stonewall Kitchen

In the last few weeks, I've been following the Paperwhites discussion, and have a few resources to share if you're considering planting bulbs in the coming weeks. Sunset featured a great, quick article on forcing bulbs for the Christmas season, and two new-to-me blogs provided some knowledge-building insight: Vintage Garden Gal and All Things Farmer (this might be a new addition to my daily read list, btw).

And, here are a few more pointers and eye candy inspiration:
+ Flower bulb favors? Yes, please.
+ A pretty idea from Martha for a paperwhites-inspired hostess gift.
+ For growing shorter paperwhites that will not need to be supported by stakes, etc.: use booze?
+ Some good general facts about the sweet-smelling blooms.

The photo above is from last year's Target batch, and I'll be sure to snap a few as soon as I get planting. Inhale. I can smell them now.

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Karen said...


Thanks for solving my biggest issue with forced paper whites...they always grow too tall. I had tried putting them in a dark closet (which I had read would stunt their growth) but it didn't work.

I'm so excited to get some going.