friday light.

Here's to hoping it's that kind of day for all of us! And, spending it in a chair like that one would be perfection (thanks to Whitney for tipping me off to Wisteria).
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Some goodness to catch up on from the week:

+ I like these easy, breezy chair covers from SMP, from a Martha Stewart wedding feature.

+ An alternative to eggplant parmesan: Eggplant Parmesan Rigatoni. This I could do. And love.

+ LOVE. THIS. DRESS. From an Oregon wedding, of course.

+ For brides - thinking especially of Andrea who's 29 days from her big day (!) - what to pack for your European honeymoon.

+ A Hermosa Beach living space makeover with punches of persimmon, compliments of GEORGE Interior Design. So fresh, fun and inspirational (oh, and helpful: a source list for all the goods).

+ New blog discovery: Rustic Chic.

+ A Christmas wish list item, from The Chic Line. Her style and sensibility just make my day. As do her lovely photos and words.

If you have some leisure time, I recommend picking up the November issue of House Beautiful. There's of course the usual, fabulous design ideas, photos and designer Q-and-As, but what I love most about their entertaining issue is the list of 101 party do's and don'ts from pro's like Colin Cowie and Rachel Ashwell. The list made me think, made me giggle and I might just save it forever.

My favorite, no. 61, comes from designer Andrew Fisher: 'Crowd the table a little: with more people at the table, no one can ignore their neighbor.'

Happy weekend!

PS: This very important - but very unrelated - question is from my very clean and efficient (and dreamy) husband: Do any hardwood floor'd readers out there have a floor/sweeping/vacuuming/mopping/cleaning system that you love? We have not found a great solution, and we need recommendations. Last night, we considered these steam sweepers!? Help!


mary said...

when you figure out hardwood floors let me know, because we are whelmed and going through swiffers like they're going out of style!

ashley maureen said...

oh goodness, i am with you on the hardwoods. it seems that several times a week i am sweeping/swiffering/mopping... and they never feel CLEAN clean! glad to know you're in the same boat!

Alison said...

it's never ending! we may try this steam thing... going to do some research, read reviews, etc. and will keep you posted!

Karen said...

I've had hardwood floors for more years than I care to mention (age related issue) and we have 2 dogs and 1 cat...a combination of cleaning tools and products have kept me sane. We Swiffer (fortunately Costco has a Kirkland brand of the little paper squares; we vacuum; and for a really clean floor I use hot water and Murphy's oil soap (only 1/4 cup to 1 gal. hot water) which we then sponge mop over the floor...don't let too much water stay in the sponge with each swipe.

Good luck!

Emily @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

THANKS for the blog mention. Honored to have made your list! Also, I'm looking forward to your soup recipe. I went the same route last night but Progresso just isn't quite as good as homemade!