the flea market experience!

On Sunday, Whitney invited me to join her in Pasadena for my first-ever flea market experience, and we will definitely be going back. Between the two of us, we found some great, washed-up pieces that, with a coat of paint and a little love, will be good as new (or, will look authentically weathered).

The Rose Bowl Flea Market is one of the biggest in the U.S., with miles of vendor booths. Our focus was home goods, and we sweat it out over about three hours, and had a blast. Here's our day in photos.

We got sidetracked several times by shabby chic'd pieces, like these benches, windows and doors.
We also got sidetracked by vintage bottle cap openers.
And this liberty bell. The seller should have charged admission to get close to this monster.
Other items that made us stop and smile included vintage pitch forks, horseshoes, wrought-iron hooks and candlesticks, mini rocking chairs, hobnail juice glasses and 70s lime green-and-white vinyl club chairs.
{best buy of the day: icy, cool refreshment that fueled us through the Pasadena heat... all 90 degrees of it}
Here are the treasures we schlepped home, and are so excited we did...
Furniture pieces that we'll be working on ...
{Whitney's vintage ladder/step-stool for hard-to-reach kitchen cabinets + new hallway table}
{I love lamp with a new shade/coat of paint + Whit's xmas gift to me: refinishing this vintage metal stool}
I'm proud to say that between the two of us, we spent under $130. Whitney has an amazing eye, and without her, I would not have had the nudge to (A) go, nor (B) buy; highly recommend attempting the flea market with a partner-in-crime. (It also helps that she has a garage full of tools and paints that I can dig into anytime and is a dictionary when it comes to refurbishing ... just about anything. I think she gets it from her mom.)

I'll be sure to post some 'after' photos. Eventually.

(I can't wait for Christmas - how lucky am I?).

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Karen said...

Love the lamp and the stool. Mustard Seed Creations has a tutorial on how to paint metal and keep it looking somewhat vintage. Have fun!