can't-live-withouts: the registry edition.

Last week, one of my favorite friendly bloggers posted her registry favorites that she's thankful to have, especially as she unpacks in her new home (!), and we both agree that the registry process - while fun - can be a bit overwhelming.

So, taking a page from Tulips & Flight Suits, I've clipped my top eight registry favorites - especially for brides - but also for the rest of us who might be in the market for some new, reliable and durable home goods (or... who just might be making their list for Santa?! It's never too early.).

+ Good juice glasses: for a huge selection of go-to basics - C&B.
+ Simple white china: Jasper's Wedgwood is our everyday + fine china that I simply cannot live without.
+ Sturdy saute pan: my mom recommended this one, and I'm so happy she did. We're an All-Clad family.
+ Cheery kitchen towels: Martha's preppy stripes are available in several colors.

+ Baskets: every room needs a good basket for magazines or blankets ... or anything, really.
+ Mixing Bowls: Most every meal begins with these.
+ A really good, big sharp knife: Wusthof's santoku gets the job done perfectly. (The entire set is worth it.)
+ Cozy blankets: all-time favorite. In wheat (on sale now!).

Dear brides: As you think about your home, exhale and remember that the gift registry is a constant work in progress; you can change your mind as often as you like, as you find what you like best, and what works best for your nest. If you know you'll never use the KitchenAid Stand Mixer that every department store says you have to have, you don't need it. (But, for the record - if you're debating - it's fab. Two thumbs way up.)

As I re-heated Monday's left-overs for one last night (yum!), I noted a few more registry-worthy items:
+ A good cutting board (rec: Boos).
+ A set of one-size-fits-all wine glasses that are ok to break and inexpensive to replace (rec: C&B's Nora).
+ Tongs (rec: these in both sizes).
+ Set of bakers (rec: this is an updated version of our set - and it's on sale!).
+ Dutch oven (rec: if someone else is buying - Le Crueset).

Before I go, check out Smitten Kitchen's superb, practical resource for building your own kitchen, Smitten Kitchen style, as well as The BC's tips on cookware.

What do you have in your home that you can't live without?


ashley maureen said...

the 10-piece glass bowl set is a favorite of mine, too. i'm all about the basics!

ps. i can't wait to try your chili recipe!

mary said...

so, so fun! loved looking through this -- awesome advice :)

paper{whites} said...

thanks, gals! ashley: i am hoping to try the turkey meatloaf you posted about earlier this week! love recipe sharing and your great recommendations. happy thurs!

Michelle Oyler said...

ok, ok. it's time to get going on my biz idea. you continue to inspire me!!! let's play, soon.

paper{whites} said...

M: it's a date! i was thinking of you while I was putting this together! xx