autumn accessorizing.

Fall has officially arrived in our house. Here's how we're looking.
Wire basket + white pumpkins + greenery + old corks = cheap + easy decor. Pumpkins and leaves are from the local Vons; basket is a sale purchase from Sur La Table (from a few months back, but some stores may still carry). Earthy wine corks from our lifetime collection fill up the basket and give the pumpkins some height.

More baskets + pumpkins + leaves: this one perches in our entryway. Hello, pumpkins. I've been waiting for you.
Last stop: wreaths. I am a wreath person, probably because my mom filled our house with pretty ones year-round. These are my favorite because they're inexpensive and can easily adapt to the season (99-cent filler also helps).
Wreaths = warmth. I love seeing them in our stairwell and am so happy they're finally up!

PS: If you're a wreath person, but would welcome the opportunity to have someone design for you (and are in the Southern Cal. area), check out Growing Wild. It's like a floral fairy land.


Bianca Mascorro said...

Ok. NOW I'm excited for fall.

Alison said...

Your mom *always* had nice wreaths in the house. One of my distinct memories of your childhood home. That and forcing your poor dog, Max, to allow us to ride on his back.


jessica lynn said...

loving the idea of mixing the wine corks with pumpkins!!! might just try it myself!!