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Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend! I enjoyed a lot of much-needed down time, which included bittersweetly finishing Kathryn Stockett's The Help.
I must tell you: I'm not your average bookworm. I go through phases with novel reading, and it usually takes a recommendation / loan from my book-loving friend Lisa to dive into something new. And, a lot of times, I get distracted with a huge stack of magazines, and that keeps me quite happy.

So, when this 449-page book came along with a newly-formed Book Club, I read this on a deadline - like a high school summer reading assignment - that turned into pure pleasure. I know I'm late to The Help bandwagon, but the bandwagon is for good reason. This is a remarkable book that will have a place on my bookshelf for years to come.

I like doing a little research on books, and I'm delighted to find a Preface or Afterward, especially with a period piece like this one. I like to know what point of view the author came from, and who helped them get there. I like to know the evolution of the book, and how it might have started from a personal account, or not, and how it was shaped along the path to publishing.

I spotted an eye-catching logo on the book spine, and learned that The Help is Amy Einhorn Books / Putnam's first (as it is Stockett's). Figuring that this Amy Einhorn must have magical powers, I read several reviews on several of her earlier novels over her 20-year publishing career, affirming and applauding her flawless taste. On my reading list are two more Einhorn books, both published earlier this year: This Is Not The Story You Think It Is and The Postmistress.

Thanks to this new Book Club-thing for rekindling my book love. I'm so glad you came along.

PS: Fabulous {frolic!} recently posted some books of the home design / inspiration kind, which I've also added to my reading list and will gladly stack up on my nightstand - you should too!

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Karen said...

How great---I loved The Help (read with my book group) and it will be fun to see what the other 2 Einhorn books are like.