TGIF. seriously.

While I rarely, rarely travel for my day job, I was on the road most of the week and did not get in my usual blog-reading + web-surfing time that I crave... and I've been missing a lot of really great posts from the week (and the week prior!). So, here are a few that I've flagged to re-visit when I catch some free time:

+ a charming, homemade-ish wedding that will make your heart smile.
+ Lesley's latest post: apple tarte tatin (with red wine-vanilla caramel sauce) ... oh yeah.
+ a new-to-me East Coast-based event planner.
+ the sweetest backyard party + luncheon, complete with stripey straws, fruit-wrapped favors, mason jars and more (hello, my weaknesses).
+ for some serious, fascinating pics and reading: Oh So Beautiful Paper's tour of Crane & Co.'s western Massachusetts facility - and don't miss parts one, two and three of the tour. (Obv: love Crane, esp. for their Lettra paper we used for our wedding invitations.)

{malta lantern with decorative pumpkins + acorn vase filler + mini Indian corn vase filler}
 Hope you have a fabulous, Fall weekend! I can't wait cozy up to the latest PB catalogue and am leaving you with a taste of their new, beautiful accents and ideas for the season.

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Karen said...

Don't you just love the PB catalog...I LOVE fall!

I can hardly wait to visit the site with the Crane & Co. tour.

Thanks Alison, have a relaxing weekend.