san diegans. san diego-eans. san dieg-ites

Strolling through San Diego's downtown Gaslamp district, I can't help but picture my favorite news anchor and smile. And laugh. Which, by the way, is what we did for the last 48 hours on our quick jaunt down to SD, thanks to my husband and a few of his colleagues.

Highlights include a 10-piece Dixieland band marching down 5th Street; sighting the spot of our first unofficial date (seven years ago!); taking in a view of downtown San Diego and the rockin' pool deck; a delicious birthday dinner recommendation from two very good friends (who know very good food); a top 5 lifetime massage here; and chocolate croissants to go.
{our view}
{lounging is in the details}
{turquoise cabana stripes + orange piping + geometric patterns + texture}
{our hotel's next-door-neighbor}
{Spanish wine + tapas}
Thank you for the birthday calls, notes, messages and wishes - so deeply appreciated. My brother said that 32's a magical year. Even though he's 18 months my junior, he's usually right about these things, and so far, he's not far off.

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mary said...

happy birthday!!!! your trip to san diego looks incredible!!