ps: movie rec for tonight.

Books + movies = good, long weekend. One more thing to recommend of the leisure variety ... if you're in the market for a rental tonight - wine lover or not - check this.  It's beautiful, charming, funny, inspiring and delicious. Plus, Alan Rickman is in it.
{based on a true story about a Napa Valley wine maker's experiment: Bottle Shock}


mary said...

i love this movie!

Lesley Elliott said...

Honestly, one of my fav movies! I am reading the book about the whole thing too.

Peggy and Fritz said...

I love love love this movie. I'm a huge wine fan and met Heidi and Bo Barrett (the people this movie is about) after a Shade Wine Tasting. They are super nice and I asked them about the movie. They said they had a blast. The only thing that wasn't true was the girl and Gustavo. However, it's so much fun to watch. Grab a bottle of wine and your favorite artisan cheeses and sit back and watch.