the paper trail.

With all this back-to-school talk, I thought I'd take this opportunity to address a favorite in the school supply category: paper. Pretty, pretty paper.
{photo by Amy & Stuart}
I love a good invitation to a good party, especially of the letterpress variety. And, of the entire wedding planning process, working with my my fabulous friend and designer, Lynette Fowler, to design our invitation suite was on the top of the list.  Together, we scoured stationery boutiques, in-person and online, to find inspiration in color, detail and design that was simple, clean and natural, with the right balance of formality and whimsy.

Breaking out the wedding binder - in true Fall fashion - I found inspiration from: Elum Designs; Rosebud Studio; Milkmaid Press; Paper Source; Love, Jenna; Thoughtful Day.  My favorite one-stop-shop inspiration and resource for everything paper: Oh So Beautiful Paper.

I asked a lot of questions of various printers, designers and one particular proof-reading / friend-genius, and eventually stumbled onto Bianca Mascorro of Little Miss Press, who brought our designs to life with her letterpress and calligraphy (two items of which I thought were out of budget-reach for our wedding).

Our invitation suite letterpressed on Crane & Co.'s Lettra letterpress paper in fluorescent white, 110#:
{Fonts: Bickham, Mrs. Eaves; Colors: PMS 7500, 476}

Bianca's calligraphy in upright script:
{photo by Amy & Stuart}
With a lot of research, some help from some very helpful people and a good dose of inspiration, I:
+ engaged in every detail, down to the last letter, of our invitation suite.
+ inexpensively and efficiently lined all of our envelopes with pre-cut liners.
+ finished each invitation with a ribbon of white 3" tulle.
+ was inspired to hand write our placecards and hand-draw our church-to-reception driving maps.*
+ had beautiful calligraphy as a theme woven throughout several elements at our reception.*

*More to come on paper products from the wedding weekend, including DIY-details on the envelope lining experience.

For the millionth - but not nearly last - time, thank you, Lynette.  Thank you, Bianca.

PS: If you want more of Bianca's calligraphy... I posted earlier this week about a beautiful SMP wedding that featured her work and you can view it here.


Elaine said...

Hi! I came over from snippet & ink.

I like how you left the reply card blank for people to fill in. We're going through the invitation design process now and I like the idea of leaving a space for guests to write a note.

Did guests know what to do without the lines for 'name' 'yes' and 'no'? Did you get the info you needed for your RSVPs?

paper{whites} said...

Elaine - thanks for stopping by! I will say that the blank RSVP cards were one of my favorite pieces thru the whole wedding. There were a few people who were prob perplexed at what to do with a blank card, but most people took the opportunity to write us a sweet note, which was so fun to read (and keep!). I did number each card on the back with light pencil so I could keep track of the cards coming back in, because there were certainly a few that needed matching up to our master list for clarification. Any other ?s - please feel free to ask away, or drop me a line at alisonleighs@gmail.com.

I say blank cards are so IN! Go for it!