a new BC cookbook + new weekend recipe.

Happy Monday! Soaking in some down-time (and grateful for every second), I had a chance to catch up on some DVR'd Food Network shows over the weekend, with my laptop at arm's reach for some on-the-spot recipe research and note taking. While catching up on The Barefoot Contessa, I found out that The BC has a new cookbook coming out next month (!!) - and wanted to pass on the good news.

(BTW: in the news category: here's a great q-and-a from the Philadelphia Inquirer about the new book, cooking simply and with simple ingredients.)
Barefoot, and enjoying a sunny beach weekend with one of my husband's best friends (who is not too shabby in the kitchen, I might add), we tried a new recipe from my favorite BC cookbook of the moment: Back to Basics

Prep pics: Baked Shrimp Scampi (p. 128) caprese salad and skinny asparagus - all heading into the frig.
Everything was prep-able hours in advance, and cooking time was a short 15 min. or less. We enjoyed the shrimp with a chilled caprese salad, grilled asparagus and a hunk of unheated french bread. The fresh, soft bread was perfect (and easy) for our warmer weather, and allowed for ample soaking of the caprese and scampi sauce-goodness.

Over Football Night in America at the coffee table, we paired the meal with a cool and light Chimney Rock Rose, compliments of Eddie's parents (many, many thanks).
Teddy, Eddie and I give this delicious dish six thumbs up for:
+ simple, familiar ingredients that as The BC would say: 'have the volume turned up'
+ quick cooking time (buy fresh, peeled shrimp w/tail-on to save time on the prep)
+ an easy, make-ahead meal that is pop-in-the-oven and dinner-party-friendly
+ goop. The wine/butter/bread flake topping, with the olive oil/balsamic from the caprese was so yummy when scooped and sopped up by the bread.

While I highly recommend adding this cookbook to your home library (esp. for The BC's invaluable side notes), you can also find the recipe here.

PS: My mother-in-law first made this dish for our family earlier this summer (the rave reviews greatly influenced it as yesterday's dinner choice), and she found Panko at Trader Joe's, which is new-to-me and a must for this dish. As is the squeeze of lemon prior to serving.


mary said...

oh my gosh!!!! i am so excited!!!! this just got moved to the top of my list for santa!! :)

Karen said...

I've loved the Back to Basics book and never tried the recipe you show here. I will definitely try this shrimp dish soon.

I'm buying her new book as soon as it hits the stand. BC is my favorite chef!

Thanks for sharing and kudos on the photography---amazing.