mad mag love.

You might recall my love affair with the September issue of House Beautiful. To my most pleasant surprise, my sweet friends Martha and Amanda gifted me a subscription (YES!). What a thoughtful, thoughtful treat.

Just like last month, October's issue is chalk-full of good, good stuff. I won't spoil it for you, but here's a few highlights:
{2010 Kitchen of the Year}
{ways to personalize your space: map-as-wallpaper, boldly-printed window treatments}
Favorite line: We're turning back toward a more real, untrendy, not-out-to-prove-anything look.
{Inspiring quote from Mema Design's Kim Fiscus, on her personal decorating style}

Note: Mema's newly designed Dana Point home defines California Casual. The spread is being ripped out and saved in the 'so-inspiring / keep-forever' folder.

And, if I were a bride... I would be registering for this, and not just because it's the best-looking ad in the issue:
Maybe b/c I'm in love with our similarly-striped Jasper china. Thanks to some very special friends and family... The Bright's, the Klein's, the Long's, the Mitchell's, the Poltl's and Shumway.

PS: Want more of Jasper? Check out what {frolic!} has to say.

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