duet weddings + little miss press = perfection.

I'm on the road today with just enough time to brag about yesterday's featured wedding on Style Me Pretty, from the best-est wedding planner on earth, Rebecca Stone of Duet Weddings, and the most beautiful handwriting artist (and letterpress'er) I know - Bianca Mascorro - aka Little Miss Press.

This gorgeous Santa Barbara wedding is a must-see (all parts - one, two and three).
{photo by Elizabeth Messina from SMP}
I am so thankful we were lucky enough to work with both Rebecca and Bianca back in our wedding planning days, and am so proud to see their talents up in SMP lights.

I'm loving every bit of this charming, sweet and stylish wedding. Go! Look! Now!

PS: Perfect timing. Coming later this week: paper special featuring Bianca's work.


Karen said...

This wedding is amazing---lets see, Kevin isn't married yet---I better keep this post as a reference for later!

Alison said...

Hey lovely friend,
I love your wedding posts, mainly because mine is coming in a few months... gulp! My partner and I are having a very east-coast December commitment ceremony, lots of plum and cranberry colors in a beautiful site filled with rich jewel tones and votives... your CA love of the beach and white clearly left me once I moved east-- it's all New York black all the time! But I wanted to share one of my favorite Philadelphia-area event decor websites, because each time I see it, it reminds me of your love of weddings... http://www.tableart.net

Good to see you're doing well and loving life. I snagged some of the last of the summer peaches out here for one last peach cake before I try the apple tarte tatin recipe I just saw!


paper{whites} said...

OMG! That is so exciting. I am so happy for you, and cannot wait to check out that site - thank you for sending.

So funny re: apple tarte tatin - I was going to post on your Wall to check it out since you were a peach upside cake fan. You beat me to it!

I cannot wait to hear about your special day and see some photos and I'm so glad to always see your name pop up on FB and here. Makes my day. x

mackyton said...

What a fashionably stylish wedding it was! Loved all these photographs. Their decoration is truly heart throbbing. Want to have similar one at New York wedding venues for my cousin’s wedding which I am organizing.