DIY... maybe?

A couple of weeks ago, we were awakened ('startled' might be a better word, but I promise this isn't a scary story) in the middle of the night by ... this large, framed print that decided it was too strong for our living room wall and ripped right out. We didn't drill when we hung it over a year ago, and clearly, we should have.
Nothing was damaged, but it's been leaning against said wall for too many days to count. I love this print that I inherited years ago, but I'm confident I'd love it more in another place, and have been thinking: this might be the golden opportunity I need to change things up, and do something more interesting with an otherwise boring corner in our living space.

Aaron Bros.' BOGO sale is the encouragement I need to start this DIY-inspired project, featured over the summer on Design*Sponge, which seems do-able and affordable (and beachy!).
{image from Design*Sponge}
... to make-over our somewhat bland wall into a pretty collage of frames, like this:
{inspired wall featured on Shorely Chic}
I walk by our framed nautical print, sitting on the floor, begging to be re-hung every day. This DIY'er is long overdue, and with this blog, I thee wed this project. Progress reports to come.

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Karen said...

I love that print. There are some really great frames at AB. I can't wait to see what you do with this.

I love the image of the shell print grouping.