you had me at hello.

How do they expect me to walk past this without picking it up? Impossible.  I mean, come on - that rug?

I'm not a subscriber, but after September's issue of House Beautiful, I might have to be.  It's filled with inspiring photos, helpful, helpful designer q-and-a's and if I wasn't already smitten with this month's mag, there was this, a few pages in:

"Interior design is like dressing a person -- you have to see what their figure looks like.  You don't want to put everyone in a bikini." {interior designer Christina Murphy}

What a way to consider design.

My mom was a House Beautiful subscriber, and while I'm certain I was too young to appreciate what seemed like a stuffy magazine when I was younger, is now updated, alive and engaging.

Not only is the entire issue a good read, it's also a good-looking magazine read, which I really appreciate; I'm as captivated by a publication's content as I am by its layout and design, and I have to say this: September's HB got my heart racing with excitement.  I had to consciously slow myself down from flipping through it so fast, just so I could savor every little detail... kind of like eating freshly grilled corn-on-the-cob in the summer time. I forget to exhale and I usually burn my mouth.

Two quick highlights, just a few pages in:

{an Etsy find!}
{hello,  BC!}
And I know it's a big surprise, but what really sold it for me: the spread of Carolyn Espley-Miller's white-washed Carpinteria home.  I'll just say this: go buy it.  Turn to page 110.  Read page 115, and then go visit here, and if you're a compulsive google'r like me, you'll stumble onto this too, and likely, add both to your daily reads.

Wow, right?  I love this world-wide-web thing.

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Emily @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

Finally... a saturday morning! Time to read my House Beautiful. That cover has been calling out to me for days - yes that tantalizing rug!! Loving your blog:) Beautiful imagery and your voice is so you and just cracks me up!