weekend wrap: eat + drink = pub.

Or, good people + good food = Simmzy's.  On the corner of MB Blvd. and Highland Ave. is our favorite stop ... just about ... any day of the week.  And, on summer weekends at the beach, it's the place to be.

Opened just over a year ago, family-owned Simmzy's is the South Bay's warmest, hippest place - where Mike, Ryan, David, Micah, Peter, Stephanie and Brian all know your name, and they're always glad you came. 

It's complete with an outdoor patio, market umbrellas, gorgeous floral arrangements that adorn the bar (provided by a neighboring shop)... and a view of the ocean. It's the kind of cozy place that's usually standing-room-only, but a friendly person makes room for you.  And, on Friday, you run into an old, familiar face who just moved back from New York, is a beautiful new mom and happens to be our neighbor.  

I love this place.

At the tip-top of the list is their rotating 24 beers on tap - listed on giant chalkboards - and their wine selection, hand-picked by the owner that's good, great and finds you asking, 'where'd you get that?'  And, on summer weekends, my personal favorite: peach sangria.  The kind that's so good that it should be served with a fork.

Eddie will drink whatever Ryan and David are pouring.  We both like Lagunitas Brewing Co.'s IPA, maybe it's because its served in mason jars ... I know what you're thinking: Simmzy's is pretty much perfection.  

We go to Simmzy's for the experience, which for us equals really good people, good conversation and good beverages. But, when we're hungry, we eat.  Really good food.

Preferably locally-sourced, responsibly-grown and deliciously seasonal ingredients:  
Our go-to app: Sundried Tomato Hummus accompanied by cucumbers, carrots, celery, kalamata olives and halved cherry tomatoes. Don't forget the grilled buckwheat bread.  Is there anything better than salty, smooth olives, chunky hummus and good, toasty bread?
In the salad dept.: this Grilled Ahi Salad is what first got me hooked.  Maybe it's the tartar sauce or the delicate vinaigrette dressing.  Or the confetti of chopped olives, onions, sundried tomatoes and creamy chickpeas.  Or the perfectly seared ahi.  

The crown jewel: so that I don't miss out on their signature dish, Eddie will forgo his red meat aversion so we can share The Simmzy's Burger with perfectly-seasoned skinny fries - that are served in buckets - with ketchup and a spicy aioli for dipping.  We think it's the best burger + fries in Manhattan Beach.  Clearly.
Woodfire-grilled beef, smoked onions, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato and gooey cheddar on a breadbar bun.

We had wine for dessert.

PS: Simmzy's opens at 11 a.m. and serves breakfast.  Check out the entire menu here.


Karen said...

My mouth is watering---so what's the drive like from the O.C.? 2 days?

Karen :-)

paper{whites} said...

HA! Well, if you start now, you'll be here in time for lunch. I realize it's a little early for most to be hearing about burgers, but clearly not for either of us! Happy Monday.