that's what he said.

{clips from See Jane Work}
Just like that - August flies by and September is upon us. I don't know about you, but I can feel the Fall hustle and bustle in the air. I'm not a student, nor do I have kids, but I'm in a back-to-school state-of-mind and I'm loving it (that's probably exactly why I'm loving it).

Celeb dad Steve Carell said in a recent interview that his nine year old daughter is obsessed with back-to-school supplies, and compared a Staples shopping trip to Christmastime. Said Carrell, "...she loves binders and notebooks... all sorts; three-ring, loose-leaf... pens, pencils."

She sounds like my kind of girl. How could Michael Scott's daughter not love school supplies, anyway?

Like me, I imagine she enjoys a good list, and around this favorite time of year, I found myself searching for some very specific items, including:

+ the perfect binder: had to be durable, neutral in color (if only they had made these back in the day) and dark enough to withstand dirt and scratches, but not black. 
+ the perfect pencil pouch: something plastic, preferably with a zipper.
+ pens and pencils: I usually found myself with a new set of Mr. Sketch scented markers, a new box of no. 2's and a colorful pencil sharpener (mostly for looks, because we had an electric one in Dad's office). 
+ wire-bound calendar: something colorful and sensible (like this), because I will inevitably spend hours writing in it, which will make me very happy.  Usually on the first day of school. Seconds after we get the semester's syllabus.

Years later, I'm still list-making for my faux-back-to-school shopping trip.  These lookers from See Jane Work are professional and pretty, keeping it light and youthful:

First row (left-to-right): SJW Basics letter box; magnetic bulldog clip set; Lilly Pulitzer assorted pencils; day of the week clips.  Second row (left-to-right): SJW Basics composition books; SJW Basics magazine holder; clip-on label holder set; SJW Basics subject dividers.

I would be so productive with anything from the SJW Basics line - wouldn't you? 

PS: Three cheers for my teacher friends going back to the classroom this week. Here's to a great first day!


Karen said...

Ohhh, I love stationary supplies---thanks for the link on the binders. Those are great and would look nice on an office bookcase.

Don't you just love the energy of the "back-to-school" fall rush?

Jessica said...


I totally agree! I am obsessed!! Always have been...my favorite pens, perfect calendars, and folders. :) This time of year calls for a good shopping spree to a supply store to restock. Thanks for the inspiration.


Angie said...

oh swoon!

I love SJW! Totally in love with http://www.sortingwithstyle.com . Have you heard of them before?

SO many things on their site that I just need to buy!