something old, new, borrowed & blue.

Favorite thing to do with my weekend: cook and share good food with good people.  If company's coming, it's usually something old, with a little something new, that's always borrowed.  And this time, the table was actually... blue.

We celebrated the week's end with a casual pasta Friday dinner for four with our UNO rivals who share a love for food and drink. Inspired by Garden, Home and Party's post on decorating with blue and white, I found this pretty pattern - purchased with a 40% off coupon from Joann's (!) - reminiscent of the china we grew up with, which made the table [read: me] feel extra special.

Feeling feta after Andrea's shower and the skewered Greek salad goodness, I finely chopped garlic, fresh kalamata olives, red onion, grape tomatoes, persian cucumbers and - well - feta, and topped it with Giada's vinaigrette, and made my own version of Greek bruschetta (with The BC's hummus on the side, of course).

We enjoyed another BC dinner regular: Summer Garden Pasta, which I can't find online, but you can find it in her Barefoot Contessa At Home on page 121.  I make it too often, but I can't resist deliciously simple pasta, and I'm not a fan of trying my hand at a new recipe for guests - unless it's dessert (see below*) - because we always have backup ice cream in the freezer.  Always.

*Most exciting moment of the weekend came after dinner when I flipped my first cake: Five O'Clock Food's Upside Down Peach Cake (it was also my first bake in our W-S 9" round cake pan, thanks to the Hunter's).  This recipe a keeper.  Just go, read it, print it out and make it.  Before summer's over.  Trust me.

{btw: it looked this yummy after spending the night in the frig, but we ate it warm the night before, as Lesley suggested}
PS: Dad: it's not peach pie, but it might be even better.  You'll love it!


Karen said...


I love the blue and white block print fabric---so pretty and your table made me want to sit and enjoy the delicious menu you prepared.

Thanks so much for the mention of Garden, Home and Party!


Lesley Elliott said...

Al, I am so glad the cake turned out well. xoxox love the blog!