pink-ing of you.

For the last year or so, I've been trying my best-est to keep up with a more efficient [read: time-saving] and cost-effective [read: inexpensive] beauty routine, which has included ... doing my own nails.  I know, I know.  No one seems to do that anymore, do they?  Or do they.

Last month, amazing sis-in-law no. 2 and I did our nails together on a lazy Friday night, and it was so relaxing.  And, in the last year, doing my nails has become one of my favorite things to do with a slow weekend, and in the best-est case, with a girlfriend. 

It's also become a relieving time-saver when I can't carve out time for the salon, like this busy week - when I'm inviting myself (via Outlook) to schedule my free time - on my own calendar.  And, living with my nails in their current state is just not an option. 

Amazing sis-n-law no. 1 (no. 1 because she's first, as far as the marriages go) gifted me this kit that's lasted years, and I figure that as long as I can pretzel-myself into a pedicure-performing posture and sneak it in during TBS's Tuesday night Office marathon, I can do my own toes.

So, while my beauty routine has adjusted slightly, my color preference has not.  OPI's Pink-ing of You is my perfect pink.  One coat on the hands, two on the toes and I'm good to go. I have always been drawn to barely-there pinks and neutrals (another go-to: Ballet Slippers from Essie) and have been stuck on this particular pink that gives my pale skin a boost and makes me smile (esp. when it's a DIY job).

Any time-saving tips or preferred pinks in your world?  Suggestions welcome.

PS: When I do spring for the salon, I go to Rebecca right here in Hermosa Beach - two thumbs. Way up. And, by the way, before you go, pick up a pita right next door and snack while you get pampered. 

Yes - I'm glad you asked - they do have fountain sodas.


BetsyP said...

Damn you, you are so damn cute. I need to go see Rebecca so damn bad. But I might have met Rebecca's sister here in KC....

Miss you.

paper{whites} said...

what I would give to meet you @ Rebecca's right now! i will tell her and her fun sis you say hello. miss you.

Jessica said...

I've been doing my own nails for awhile now and not only has it saved some money, but it's fun. I love the polish collection I've started :)