inspiring friday.

It's Friday and sunny (!) and I have some beauty to share with you on this beautiful day.

When I was day dreaming about blog names, I went to straight to google and stumbled onto a familiar favorite: Lemons and Paperwhites, inspiration board #455 from Snippet & Ink.  Mood: sweet and simple winter wedding. Palette: sugared lemon yellow, crisp paperwhite.

Inspiration boards.  What a concept for which I am so grateful.

I was introduced to Snippet & Ink by a very helpful newlywed - who had a charming 2008 wedding of her own - when I found myself flailing over color options for our big day. The dilemma: so many beautiful colors in the rainbow, so little time.

S&I's practical boards, paired with resources, links and real wedding re-caps simplify the process and quite simply, provide some much-needed inspiration.  Before I found Snippet, I was trying to marry our wedding to one color - and I was scared to commit to any one shade (oh, the irony of commitment-phobia to a detail vs. say, a man).  After Snippet, I learned how to take the palette approach - which, for me, was refreshing and liberating. 

Here are a few other inspiration boards I clipped when I was trying to identify with color (dreamy mood and yummy palette descriptions also provided by S&I- how helpful is that?):

Board #339: Spring Picnic
Mood: sweet and simple
Palette: pale yellow, green, bits of blue

Board #219: Coral and Cattleyas
Mood: warm, modern beach style
Palette: orange, white and tan

Board #209: Peachy Keen
Mood: bright, feminine, fresh.
Palette: peach, white, yellow, pink, orange

For the bride: As you try - or even struggle - to picture your big day, I can't think of a better, practical resource to start with than S&I.  Do some inspiration board research, find what makes you smile and create one for yourself that will help keep you (and your vendor team) on track.

For the rest of us: let Snippet give you some inspiration for your life.  For your home.  For the next get-together.  For fun.  Soak it in... and enjoy.

PS: After we returned from the honeymoon, this was the first inspiration board I clipped, and I couldn't resist sharing.  May your weekend be full of Simple Summer Whimsy.


Dionne said...

I love these soft colors. Romantic, nostalgic and whimsical all at the same time.

paper{whites} said...

Thank you for visiting! I just made a trip to your blog for the first time and can't wait to come back for more - it's SO lovely!

Kathryn said...

This is quite possibly the most wonderful thing anyone has ever said about Snippet & Ink - thank you so much for the kind words. You've made my day!

paper{whites} said...

Kathryn - thank you - you just made MY day! It was a pleasure and so much fun to write about Snippet & Ink!