friday wildflowers.

Flowers make me so happy (as do Fridays).  It's a rare trip to the market when I don't get sidetracked by the fresh flowers for sale, and end up bringing home a bunch of my go-to blooms: alstroemeria, usually in diamond white.  But, in the spring time, I spring for ranunculus (already counting down to March 2011), and for those, I go to Jenny Barker of Magical Blooms in Redondo Beach, Calif.

I first met Jenny in 2008 when I was wedding planning, and and before I met her, I had no idea how I really pictured our big day until I saw it through her eyes.  Her passion for flowers is palpable - you literally feel a little bit of Jenny's magic when you walk into her shop, and I had no doubt that she would bring beauty and harmony to our wedding with her floral design... and she did, above and beyond anything I could imagine.

Since our wedding, I've kept in touch with Jenny and followed her amazing designs (you should too, btw) and was tickled purple to share one hour with her and my two new friends, Meg and Colleen, at her charming studio... in a floral design class!  We played with and learned all about spearmint (yes, the herb), lavender, purple hydrangea, blue curiosa roses, deep purple lisianthus, scabiosa annual (aka pinchusion flower) and my favorite of the day: lavender sweet pea.

{left-to-right: lisianthus, spearmint, sweet pea, pincushion, hydrangea, lavender and rose}
...plus, several other blooms pictured below, including shiny gardenia foliage, prickly and wispy blue alpine thistle, yummy merlot dahlia and rustic celosia to make a very natural, loose, wildflower hand-tied bouquet that was playful and romantic.

Jenny was feeling purple, and we started these beauties:

With Jenny's step-by-step instruction, we first gathered the big blooms: the hydrangea, roses and dahlia.

We gradually added the smaller blooms, like lisianthus buds, sweet pea, mint, pinchusions and lavender, and every time we added a few stems, we tied it off with raffia, and by the end, we had about four or five layers of knotted raffia. 

We clipped our hand-tied bouquets down to fit a 4.5-inch cube vase, which we filled with a very thin strip of pine to complete the wildflower look, and I am smiling just looking at the photos.  Here's to enjoying them all weekend long.

Thank you, Jenny, for a magical day.  I can't wait to do it again.

PS: You too can take a class with Jenny, and I highly recommend (is it not obvious?).  Visit her online to learn more, or even better: take a trip to the beach this weekend and walk-in.  She's at PCH between Avenues F and G, just a few blocks from the Riviera Village in Redondo Beach, Calif.  Happy Friday!


Bianca Mascorro said...

So gorgeous! I love everything about this.

paper{whites} said...

B: I wish you could meet Jenny someday! Just like you - she's a brilliant, creative mind.