cape cod in a bag.

{image from our wedding}
Quick note for today that I can't resist passing on: 100 Layer Cake's post on guest bags - of the destination wedding variety - from Cape Cod.

My parents recently took an East Coast vacation, and made it to one of my dream destinations: Cape Cod.  (Sometimes I wonder if I was raised on the wrong coast... and then I look at our sunset over the Pacific Ocean, and I throw that theory out the window.)  When I make it there, the first ferry ride will be to Nantucket to check out the world-famous Chicken Box

Until then, Desiree Spinner Events from Osterville, Mass., makes me feel like I'm there with their guest tote gift bag celebrating the dreamy coastal destination. BTW: my favorite on the list - item no. 1.


Karen said...

Hi Alison,

Your link to 100 Layer Cake seems to be broken.

I'm with you, I always thought that perhaps my mom visited a hospital in Connecticut or Massachussets and kidnapped me because I really didn't feel like a California Girl. I know now that I am!

paper{whites} said...

THANK YOU, Karen! I just corrected it.