andrea's shower {three}: the wrap-up.

For my last post on Andrea's Shower, I have some final food details and photos to share.  Our make half / buy half menu made it really simple on the day-of, and we're taking some notes with us for parties to come.

{melon-wrapped prosciutto + crisped french bread topped with bruschetta + grapes with assorted cheeses & crackers}
Party staple: Trader Joe's fresh bruschetta, found in the refrigerated dips aisle - not far from the packaged cheeses.  Approx. one aisle over from the crispy pita crackers.  And a hop-skip-and-a-jump from the prosciutto.

For next time: cut melon the night before and wrap with prosciutto day-of. Prosciutto out of its super-air-tight packaging for a long period of time becomes... flimsy and a bit rubbery. Still good. But, flimsy.

This was our first shake at Giada's salad-on-a-stick, and she recommended a good, firm feta to stand up to the skewer'ing and we agree.  We found sheep's milk goat cheese at Whole Foods and give it two thumbs up. 

Now, for the main course and buffet table:

We pre-ordered the quiche trio from Bristol Farms, which required a quick re-heat in the oven prior to serving.  Each provided eight, good-sized (and yummy) servings.  Now that I'm on a quiche kick, I might get crazy and try making one.  From scratch. Someday.  (Recipes suggestions welcome!)

Blog Love: I'm so thankful for Erin Ever After's pretty post that was a late find last Friday.  I had been searching for a creative way to label quiche (such a mystery until you dig in, right?) and combined some grosgrain ribbon + Paper Source labels (bonus wedding leftovers) modeled after Erin's inspiring photos.  Thank you, Erin!

The mixed green salad with apples, red onion and sprinkles of gorgonzola cheese and candied walnuts is a shower go-to in our circle of friends, and tastes best when paired with this particular store-bought blush wine vinaigrette, which can be found at your local market.

Krisa's grilled corn salad with heirloom tomatoes is a favorite in her household.  Thanks to Lesley for her inspiration and suggestions: we went heavy on the freshly chopped herbs and it was a hit.

Staci provided the drinks, highlighted by strawberry and sparkling lemonade, plus the dessert that doubled as favors: teapot-shaped sugar cookies made, decorated and individually wrapped by an angel friend.

Andrea: I cannot wait for your big day in November!  107 days and counting.


Lesley Elliott said...

love all of the photos - the party looks delicious!

Saara @ GEORGE Interior Design said...

Wow all this food looks delish!! It was a beautiful shower, that's for sure!

Thanks for stopping by our blog! I love "meeting" all the readers out!