I have been so into peaches lately and have been looking for un-intimidating ways to cook with summer's best-est fruit.  The blogs must be reading my mind - I just clipped two amazing-looking, delicious-sounding, recently-posted recipes that are going in the cookbook binder stat:

Five O'Clock Food's Upside Down Peach Cake, inspired by Alice Waters' Plum Upside Down Cake, and perfected during Lesley's days as a pastry chef at Sage Restaurant in Newport Beach, Calif.  Lesley's step-by-step instructions and photos are just what I need to try something new (si se puede!).  A Lesley creation + peaches + upside down cake = sign me up.

Pithy and Cleaver's Savory Peach Salad, not only with peaches, but with my favorite summer veg: fresh corn cut from the cob (and oh yeah... feta, bacon, basil, balsamic-marinated onions, and arugula, too).

Just last week, I actually tried a recipe from a mag with the succulent fruit (!): Real Simple's real simple Roasted Pork Chops and Peaches, featured in the July issue.  The sweet peaches caramelize the onions, and together, keep your pork chops nice and juicy and sweet - no applesauce needed here.  (Note to self: next time, remember mom's advice.  A hot pan from the oven is, well, hot.  As is the actual. pan. handle.)

Oh, peaches.  I think my pie dish is calling.

{All this peach excitement over tonight's new Vons Club $10-and-under wine purchase: Pine Ridge's 2008 Chenin Blanc - Viognier.  Two thumbs up.  Happy dinner time - cheers!}

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