casa with a view.

Our dear friends hosted a little Sunday B.B.Q., complete with carne asada, grilled shrimp and rajas (new to me (and delicious): roasted chile strips with onions, seasonings and creamy goodness) - which was the perfect end to a great weekend.  Like our host and hostess, this house is beautiful inside and out.  Besides the jaw-dropping ocean view and the company of family and good friends, here's what I love most about la casa...

Turquoise-toned front door and tiled archway:
Open shelving in the kitchen:
Lush landscaping:

The beautiful deck, pool and backyard (take II):

Warm hospitality, delicious food and bev:

Cheers to a great week.


Anonymous said...

So great allison! meant to telly you last week how CUTE this blog is and how proud i am of you! and now this beautiful post about MI CASA!! So fun keep up the good work girl!

Karen said...

Love the location! I also love the open shelving---I've seen several kitchens with open shelving and I'm wishing I had put some in.

Lesley Elliott said...

Love the pics!

Alexys Buckner said...

That was a great night. This blog is awesome too! I can't wait to read more!
xo Lex