blog one. day one.

I recently had dinner with someone who, over a delicious glass of pinot at one of my fav Manhattan Beach hot spots, said, ‘just. start. writing.’ A few weeks and a few more glasses of wine later… I did. She was a new friend, someone I had known for about four hours before she gave me the kick-in-the-pants I’d so badly needed.

How exciting to just start writing!

After uncovering the blog world while planning our April 2009 wedding (more on that to come), I’ve felt something tugging at me to record, capture and share with those willing to indulge my love for events, planning, design, food and life in general as a 30-something in sunny Southern California (although, to date, our summer has been more gray than sunny, but I’m okay with that. My husband is not.).

I hope that you’ll stop by often, and find some bits of inspiration here and there. As I get my feet wet, and we engage in this little conversation in cyberspace, I thought I'd share a few things that inspire me, make me happy and run through my head (often, at three in the morning)…

breaking in a new pair of flip flops.
trying to replicate my grandma’s perfect apple pie recipe.
starting and finishing my wedding album… one year and three months later.
waking up to a homemade caffé Americano.
designing an invitation of any kind. to a party of any kind. that I’m hosting.
coming home to the latest issue of Real Simple in the mail.
my obsession with handwritten letters, fonts, grammar and language (lowercase and incomplete sentences occasionally allowed).
being a more patient person.
farmer’s market finds (and not letting them go to waste!).
being creative what with you have.
finding a good, new book.

heirloom tomatoes in the summer. ranunculus in the spring. fresh no. 2 pencils in the fall.
christmas at christmastime.
befriending Ina Garten and meeting her fabulous friends in her East Hampton home - how bad can that be?
finding the perfect living room rug.
planning a weekend getaway to los olivos or palm desert (not necessarily in the same weekend).
the new, cute-looking home + design shop opening up on 13th St.
cooking dinner for friends.
getting over my fear of headstands… om.

Here's a little slice to say thanks for stopping by, and a taste of what's to come.  Hope you visit again soon.  Salud!

Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography

PS: Speaking of slices (of cake), there's really only one place to get them in MB, CA.  We get our other slices here.  


chelsea said...

Welcome! Blogs are such a fantastic outlet! Is this your wedding photo? You are gorgeous!!

dave+debi said...

Alison, I am so excited for you and your blog! Adorable (you and the blog) :). I didn't realize we had so much in common. I read you inspiration list and I have to agree with 95% of it! keep up the great blog. :)

Alison said...

Just saw that you have a blog! It looks so beautiful, warm, and breezy, just as I remember your childhood home and many afternoons spent in your backyard with your family and dogs. I look forward to checking in and seeing what's going on with you.

much love,